Avoid This

Early Warning Signs Your Blood Sugar Is SUPER High

take a nap have your blood sugar levels

tested number five blurry vision high

blood pressure can even affect your

vision if your blood sugar levels are

high it can cause your lenses to swell

when your lenses are swollen your vision

can become blurry the blurry vision will

often be temporary however it can keep

occurring it’s best to contact your eye

doctor to find out the cause of your

blurry vision if it’s high blood sugar

it’s best to find out right away if you

allow the problem to persist it could

cause more health issues number six

dry skin there are several reasons why

your skin could dry out one of the

reasons is high blood sugar if your skin

is dry because of high blood sugar

chances are your blood sugar has been

high for quite some time

when your blood sugar levels have been

high for a while it can cause the nerves

in your skin to be damaged also you’ll

lose fluids very rapidly and if that’s

allowed to go on for years the nerves in

your skin can be damaged and your skin

will dry out if you find your skin is

dry and lotion is not working make an

appointment with your doctor number 7

impotence if you’re a man and you’re

having trouble performing in the bedroom

your blood sugar levels could be to

blame in order to get an erection a man

needs to have proper blood flow to his

penis if his blood sugar levels are high

that can disrupt the blood flow over

time that can cause damage to the nerves

and the blood vessels resulting in

impotence if you find you’re not able to

please your partner in the bedroom you

should make an appointment with your

doctor to have your blood sugar tested

there are other tests that may need to

be performed to find the root of your

problem number eight unexplained weight

gain if you find you’ve gained weight

suddenly for no reason at all you could

have high blood sugar your excessive

weight could be that you are insulin

resistant and when that happens your

cells will be unable to respond to

insulin it makes it very hard for the

insulin resistant cells to take the

glucose from your blood when that

happens your blood sugar levels will

remain high and it will cause you to put

on weight even if you’re on a strict

diet and you exercise often you’ll still

find that you put on weight

when you step on the scale the best way

to keep from putting on the pounds is to

make an appointment with your doctor to

get to the root of the problem subscribe

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